Place of work: Spain, Málaga
Type of job contract: for an indefinite period, full-time

Required education:
Offered salary: Not specified
Number of positions: 1

Working area

Computing, engineering, science professionals
   Computer associate professionals


DUTIES: Reviewing current systems .- Presenting ideas for system improvements .- Producing detailed specifications and writing the program codes .- Testing the product in controlled, real situations before going live .- Deliver implementations in accordance with coding standards and conventions. SKILLS: Experience in BDD and TDD for testing SPA applications using E2E (Selenium, Protactor) and Unit testing (The Intern, Karma). Experienced with web technologies: HTML5 APIs, CSS3 and JavaScript standard ES6. Experience with reactive and functional programming. Experience with visualizations libraries like D3 with SVG, Canvas or WebGL. Experienced in latest web standard transport protocols (Web Sockets, SSE, HTTP2 and Real time Pub/Sub) Experienced in Single Page Web Applications and knowledge in new JavaScript frameworks like Polymer or Aurelia. Experienced with rendering libraries like Virtual-Dom or ReactJS. Experienced with unidirectional data flow like Flux architectures. Experienced in asynchronous programming with NodeJS and NPM packages. Extensive knowledge of the following: HTML5 APIs and CSS3 SVG or Canvas and WebGL with D3 JavaScript new standards ES6 SPA frameworks (Polymer or Aurelia or…) High performance views (Virtual-Dom or ReactJS or…) BDD, E2E and Unit testing with JavaScript Functional and reactive JavaScript programming NodeJS (asynchronous programming), NPM MV* and Unidirectional data flow (Flux or…) JavaScript architectures. Web Sockets, SSE (Server Source Events), Pub/Sub and HTTP2 Contract indefinite. Relocation covered Company: ITRS Spain Web:

Work hours:

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