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You are standing at a crossroads and currently looking for a new job? You are a company that needs to refresh its work team? In that case you are at the right place, because here you will find both. Site is the bridge to the combination of ambitious job seekers and companies looking for skilled workers. It is a pleasure for us to help you achieve your goals and provide a route to your success. is Europe's largest job portal, which arose from the initiative of the company Joo Internet Media Ltd, based in London. Its main purpose is to convey information on vacancies throughout the European Union and to create the largest database of CVs of jobseekers.

Without unnecessary restrictions
Currently you do not have to be restricted to the territory of one state. Just take a breath, take your own fate into your hands and realize that the country you are currently in is not the only place existing. Our professional staff are ready to answer any of your questions and search for the most viable solution.

With us work is combined with opportunities and not stress and chaos. Everyone chooses what they are most comfortable with and they are able to do so with a coffee in their hand and their feet on the table. No one here is pushing you into anything you do not want to. If one of the offer catch your eye all you have to do is act on it, it also works the other way around. Just simply put in your requirements and wait for a response. Our goal is clearly arranged segmentation, the dynamism, flexibility and innovation. Since we do not only co-operate on one labour market, ahead of the candidates is the most diverse variety of alternatives from across the European Union.

Seriousness at first place
We are proud to say that our portal offers its visitors absolute above standards. This is then reflected in full seriousness and credibility, in a hundred of satisfied users. All current vacancies are checked, the database offers qualified skilled workers, we provide the necessary information regarding culture, work and entry in European countries. Candidates can also create their own Cv in several languages. The applicant will be offered many important links to individual offices and a list of documents which will be needed in the country to fully employ. To increase the comfort of looking for a new job or new employers we have upgraded from a Internet service and mobile apps. Thus, you will be constantly upgraded and able to respond quickly. The modern world belong to those who can keep up with a fast pace and changing trends.

The harmony of the underline elegance
Free and seamless registration on our website, you become a part of the harmonized community, which combines the enjoyment of work, improving working skills and seeking new challenges.Stability here also creates a sleek policy, which guarantees a relaxing labour migration within the European Union and of the quality of personnel selection database.

Be with us and pour your life into our new working spirit!

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