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Ich stimme mit der Verarbeitung meiner Personaldaten für das Unternehmen zu.: Viva Hotels & Resorts

Arbeitsort: Spanien, NOROESTE
Vertragsart: befristet Arbeitsplatz, Vollzeit

Benötigte Ausbildung: keine Spezifikation
Angebotener Lohn: keine Angaben
Anzahl der Arbeitsplätze: 2


Sonstige fachkräfte (mittlere qualifikationsebene)
   Künstlerische, Unterhaltungs- und Sportberufe
        Athleten und Berufssportler


Viva Fit instructor, Viva Hotels Mallorca/ Menorca 2015. (The Offer:) Hotels Viva needs Viva Fit instructors for our hotels in Mallorca and Menorca! Would you like to spend some time in sunny Spain in an international team of hotel entertainers, getting paid to make people happy? (The Job:) Your responsibility is to plan, organize and lead the Viva Fit activities in your hotel during the daytime. Examples of daytime Viva Fit activities are: Aerobics, Water gym, Spinning, Steps, Pilates, Yoga, Work out, etc. You will gain new experiences meeting people from all over the world. This job is demanding (not a "9 to 5" job) but in the ending very rewarding. (The Entertainer:) To be a good Viva Fit instructor you have to: 1. Be positive, flexible, energetic and love being around people. 2. Be experienced/qualified in working with/doing sports. Professional training/work experience is a must. 3. Speak at least two languages, English is required. The more languages you speak, the better. 4. Need to be available till the end of October, start of November (The Conditions:) -1548,88 Euros/month, BRUTO -Free accommodation; you will be provided a staff room in/or close by the hotel complex which you might have to share with a team member, of the same sex. -Free food and beverage; breakfast, lunch and dinner in the hotel, plus a set amount of free soft drinks throughout the day. - No travel costs; the cost of your tickets to fly to Mallorca and back will be repaid to you before you fly home, under the condition that you fulfill the full contract. -A standard European employment contract, with work insurance included. (The Company :) Hotels Viva is a Spanish hotel chain based in the Balearic Islands. We have eighteen hotels, almost exclusively in the four star category. The company has made a name for itself by providing very high quality to our guests. This includes the hotel entertainment. (The Application:) Send us your application letter with CV (both in English) and a full size picture of yourself . (The Contact Person:) Marnix Zwart Director Show & Entertainment Hotels Viva Arbetsförmedlingen Kristina Gärdebo Johansson, 010-4863333 Vi vill inte bli kontaktade av rekryterings-/bemanningsföretag. Information om att leva och bo i Spanien kan du hitta på www.arbetsformedlingen.se och på www.eures.europa.eu


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source: https://www.ec.europa.eu/eures


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