Arbeitsort: Spanien, ESPAÑA
Vertragsart: befristet Arbeitsplatz, Vollzeit

Benötigte Ausbildung:
Angebotener Lohn: keine Angaben
Anzahl der Arbeitsplätze: 1


Technische Fachkräfte
   Material- und ingenieurtechnische Fachkräfte
        Elektronik- und Fernmeldetechniker


In the framework of ERC-2014-ADG ULTRASUPERTAPE project. The project aims to engage an experienced engineer in the field of Additive Manufacturing and Liquid Assisted growth from low cost chemical solution deposition precursors for high-field high-performance Superconducting Coated Conductors. We offer to work in an interdisciplinary and international environment of a consolidated research group with a large collaborative international network. Name of Company: Institut De Ciencia Dels Materials De Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC). We will be enrolled in: - Chemical solution deposition and additive manufacturing - Transient Liquid Assisted thin film growth - Advanced transmission electron microscopy - Performance engineering of superconducting nanocomposite films With the aim to reach superconducting materials for integration in ultrahigh magnetic fields and energy efficiency applications.


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