Místo práce: Veľká Británie, Inner London
Typ pracovní smlouvy: na dobu neurčitou, plný úvazek
Datum vytvoření: 12.07.2016
Informace: Jiné - viz text inzerátu

Požadované vzdělání:
Datum nástupu: Neuvedeno
Nabízený plat: Neuvedeno
Počet míst: 1

Pracovní doba:

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Band 5 - Outpatients Staff Nurse We are looking for an enthusiastic staff nurse to join our dynamic Outpatient Team, who can demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skillsand who are committed to excellent patient care. We run multi- specialty clinics, including Vascular Surgery, Neurology, Renal Medicine and Colorectal Surgery. In addition, we are responsible for a nurse led Plastic Surgery Dressings Clinic which is held every weekday and is highly specialised. Candidates must have excellent communication skills, good problem solving ability and an interest in a varied workload, which includes, general medical, surgical and renal clinics, a nurse led plastic surgery dressing clinic and flexible cystoscopy.



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